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Не просто посетите замок, попытайтесь сбежать из него. Эта комната перенесет вас в прошлое истории замка, в 1940-е годы, когда здание принадлежало американским военным, и офицерам из-за возрастающей угрозы приходилось действовать из этого пространства. Можете ли вы справиться с давлением?
Город: Миссури
Wed 22 May
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Начинается с $28.00
Wed 22 May
Начинается с $28.00
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  • Младенцы и маленькие дети могут ездить в детской коляске
  • Допускаются животные-поводыри
  • Подходит для всех уровней физической подготовки
  • Требуются маски для лица для путешественников в общественных местах
  • Маски для лица требуются для гидов в общественных местах
  • Дезинфицирующее средство для рук доступно для путешественников и персонала
  • Средства/оборудование дезинфицируются между использованием
  • Гиды обязаны регулярно мыть руки
  • Во время Covid квест не используется совместно с другими гостями.
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Фотографии путешественников
Отзывы (6)
Jul 2022
We were with a large reunion group attending BOTH the escape room and the ghost tour afterward. The host was unbelievably rude, very unorganized, and it was most definitely the worst escape room in existence. The ghost tour was so bad we left half way through the tour. PLEASE, I'm begging you, do yourself a favor and spend your 70-100 bucks somewhere else. I truly wish we had! If you do have to attend, bring your own snacks or water. There is NOTHING at this castle once you're locked in it. And that's no joke...
Jul 2022
This escape room is too expensive for the experience. We have done numerous escape rooms and escape races; I would estimate around 40 of them (we also have a 100% success rate on escaping). This is on the higher price side for an escape room. At this price point, we would expect higher tech gadgets, an electronic clue system, air conditioning, and a more polished feel for the theme. In this particular room, the guide stays in the room the entire time. Our particular guide did not allow for group discussion/ brainstorming very well. The clues were poorly executed and at times illogical. They really need better testers before beginning a room. Save your money and do an escape room elsewhere.
May 2021
This escape room has some cool parts. The castle it is in is beautiful and the room itself could have been a really fun experience. However it was vaguely hellish instead. The woman running the deal comes in the room with you, and then proceeds to be the only thing standing between you and having a fun time. She berates you loudly and basically does every puzzle for you, completely defeating the point of an escape room. Your patience and manners will be strained to the breaking point and your eyes will start to bug out of your head, but still there is more to come. If you start to do anything slightly wrong, her strident voice will cut across your mental processes like a rusty saw through hot butter and leave your hands shaking like Bell’s palsy. At the end it was basically us trying to escape from that room as fast and painlessly as possible. Thank goodness it’s over.

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