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Philadelphia (Philly) Scavenger Hunt and Self Guided Walking Tour

Learn about the American revolution and the revolutionaries that made independence a reality. Learn how they strategized, where they met, who helped them, and who ended up betraying the nation. Visit a section of the city still preserved like revolutionary times. Test your knowledge by answering our trivia quiz and learn bits of history along the way

It's a quiz and an audio tour guide!
This package is ideal for individuals who want to explore, learn, and have fun.

The tour includes optional location-based trivia questions.
Throughout the path, you'll be asked questions that may need you to look around for answers.
If you get it right, the app will fill you in on bits of history and play the audio.

You can skip the questions if you want to, and use the app as a personal GPS-triggered tour guide.

Note: Only available for Apple devices.
City: Philadelphia
Wed 26 Jun
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Wed 26 Jun
Starting at $6.99
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What's Included
Interactive Quiz
Self Guided Walking Tour that works offline
10+ Challenges to solve with Hints
Digital Tour that stays with you forever
Audio narration with written text
Live GPS map on your phone
Additional Info
  • Infants are required to sit on an adult’s lap
  • Suitable for all physical fitness levels
  • This is not an entry ticket.
  • Devices supported include iPhones with iOS 13 & above, Android phones with version 9 & above and all cellular-enabled tablets & iPads.
  • Face masks required for travellers in public areas
What To Expect
Washington Square
At the corner of historic Washington Square, we'll catch a glimpse of where it all began: the site of the First Continental Congress. We'll explore the consequences of this historic conference before approaching the iconic Independence Hall.
Independence Hall
We're finally at Independence Hall, the birthplace of America. This is where the First Continental Congress unified the colonial states into one entity, working together. This is where military revolts and battles against the British were planned. This is also where the Second Continental Congress took place, when votes were gathered from across all the colonies. Ultimately, this is where the Declaration of Independence, and America, was brought to life. As we walk around this historic hall, we'll learn about additional American figures like John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and John Adams, and their contributions to the new nation. We'll also understand what this Independence Hall represented to colonial Americans -- and what it represents to modern Americans today. We'll also check out George Washington's statue out front, and dive into his backstory.
Liberty Bell Center
Next up: the Liberty Bell! We'll learn about what makes this bell iconic -- and what makes it so susceptible to cracks! As we explore its history and majesty, we'll also explore its significance in later years as Americans fought for their freedom from slavery, equal voting rights, and for true liberty.
Benjamin Franklin Museum
Then we'll head over to Ben Franklin's museum. This historic statesman figures heavily in America's past -- and we'll learn why. As we walk through the museum we'll also peel back the layers of his personality, learning about his vast store of knowledge and a huge diversity of interests. Then, we'll jump to the anti-hero to Franklin's hero: the traitor Benedict Arnold. As we continue to walk, we'll learn all about what Arnold planned to do -- and how.
The President's House
Next up, the very first White House! We'll explore the original presidential home of George Washington and then of John Adams. Here, we'll be able to dive into the history of the presidents' lives and better understand life during the colonia era.
Declaration House (Graff House)
Then we'll head over to another unique historic home: the Graff House. This is where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and where Ben Franklin helped him edit it. Walk in the footsteps of these earliest inklings of American freedom as you pass by this site! Plus, we'll take this opportunity to learn about Thomas Jefferson, and understand his life and contributions towards American independence.
The African American Museum in Philadelphia
Philadelphia's history may be all about independence and freedom, but that didn't apply to African-Americans! As we pass this wonderful museum, we'll continue to explore slavery and it's impact of early America. We'll also learn about the historic contributions of African-Americans like Crispus Attucks and others.
Franklin Square
Our journey into America's past then brings us to Franklin Square, where we can rest up and catch up on everything else that Ben Franklin did -- other than driving independence of course! We'll learn about his many book, ideas, and of course... experiments!
National Constitution Center
Next up, we'll pass by the National Constituion Center. Just like with the Declaration of Independence, we'll learn about how the colonists gathered here in Philadelphia to formalize their union into a concrete nation: the United States of America. We'll explore how American citizens' most fundamental rights were guaranteed, laying the basis for the American society today.
United States Mint
Our walk then brings us to the Mint! We'll learn about the gold and silver coins that formed the basis of the early American economy... and about the copper, nickel, and paper that makes our money today!
Benjamin Franklin's Grave
This brings us to Elfreth's Alley, the modern Instagram hot-spot of Philly and the historic origins of this great city. As the very first downtown, Elfreth's seen generations of changes... but has remained as quaint and colonial as ever!
Christ Church
We'll then walk over to historic Christ Church, where George Washington, Betsy Ross, and plenty of other American revolutionaries worshipped. We'll pass by the Church, diving into its historical significance and admiring its soaring architecture.
Museum of the American Revolution
That brings us to the Museum of the American Revolution! Our journey ends near here, allowing you the opportunity to step inside if you didn't get quite enough revolutionary history already!
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