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Ghosts Legends and Lore Tour - Новый Орлеан

Новый Орлеан — один из самых посещаемых городов Америки, и когда вы отправитесь в этот призрачный тур, вы поймете, почему. Французский квартал Нового Орлеана имеет почти 300-летнюю историю, от болезней, пожаров, войн, убийств и погромов, легко увидеть, как в Новом Орлеане происходят такие легендарные паранормальные явления. Вы услышите истории о вуду и Мари Лево, настоящих привидениях, легенде об особняке Лалори, любви, которая пошла не так, как надо, и многом другом. Эта почти двухчасовая пешеходная экскурсия по Французскому кварталу приведет вас к очень часто посещаемым зданиям и поделится с вами рассказами о событиях и людях, которые создали привидения.
Город: Жители Нового Орлеана
Mon 11 Dec
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Mon 11 Dec
Начинается с $300.00
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Local guide
Local guide
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Что ожидать
French Quarter
Walk the 300 year old streets of the French Quarter
Lalaurie Mansion
The infamous haunted mansion on Royal Street as seen on American Horror Story
French Quarter
Walk the 300 year old streets of the French Quarter
Lalaurie Mansion
The infamous haunted mansion on Royal Street as seen on American Horror Story
Французский квартал
Прогуляйтесь по 300-летним улицам Французского квартала.
Особняк Лалори
Печально известный особняк с привидениями на Ройал-стрит из «Американской истории ужасов».
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Отзывы (6)
Jun 2022
Ariande Blyde was a excellent tour guide. Her stories were very entertaining for our group. Great walking tour
Ответ от хоста
Jul 2022
While we appreciate the excellent review, We do not know who Ariande Blyde is. We are a husband and wife team, Jeffrey and Jane, and have no other guides who tour for us at this time.
Dec 2016
When you come to a city as steeped in history as New Orleans, there is absolutely no excuse for not indulging in its rich and vibrant history; unfortunately, like many a city of this size and background, you can find a lot of very tourist-y tours. You know the kind. This is absolutely the anathema to that. You will not find any sloppily-researched BS here; instead, the guide we had for our tours, George "Loki" Williams, was not only an absolute, upbeat delight of pure high energy, he is also a veritable encyclopedia of the city, hailing from one of the oldest families in town. The perspective of someone whose family history is this entwined with the city, alongside a complex and detailed knowledge that spans the particular and global made the tours actually fun AND enlightening. Whether it's the history of rock and roll and everything associated, or a look at the darker aspects of the city's history, its spirits and ghosts, you will not be disappointed by a frankly amazing cornucopia of knowledge. I am a skeptical history buff who appreciates legends and occult lore and our guide expertly provided both, cleanly distinguishing the myth NOLA and the amazing lore of the fantastic that suffuses every inch of the city from the rich and vibrant history of the place. Oh, have I mentioned that we also had a total blast during our tours? Cerebral and fun at the same time, entertaining and enlightening, this tour was the best I've ever had. I sincerely wished tourguides in other cities I visited had at least half the knowledge, panache and Charisma. Seriously, I can't picture a better tour.
Samantha B
Jul 2016
Amazing way to travel around the French Quarter in New Orleans. This tour had an awesome tour guide that really tailored his approach to the people within the tour - telling us not only about the ghost legends but about the true history behind the buildings and historic people that lived in them. Groups are limited to 12 people, which made it a more private and enjoyable experience - you could always hear the tour guide, he always allowed us time to take pictures, and we even stopped to grab some water!!

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