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Charlotte Scavenger Hunt: Okrążenie Charlotte

Let's Roam to firma zajmująca się poszukiwaniem padlinożerców, prowadzona przez aplikację nr 1. Spaceruj po wszystkich najlepszych zabytkach i ukrytych klejnotach, odpowiadając na ciekawostki i rozwiązując wyzwania. Współpracuj ze swoim zespołem lub rywalizuj z nim, poznając nowe fakty i tworząc niezapomniane wrażenia. Let's Roam Scavenger Hunts są świetne jako codzienna czynność lub na wieczory panieńskie, przyjęcia urodzinowe, firmowe imprezy integracyjne i nie tylko! Każdy gracz wybiera interaktywną rolę, a wyzwania różnią się w zależności od osoby.
Miasto: Charlotte
Mon 26 Feb
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Mon 26 Feb
Zaczynać od $12.31
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Cyfrowe kopie twoich zdjęć z polowania na padlinożerców
Wszystkie podatki, opłaty i opłaty manipulacyjne
Lokalne podatki
Dodatkowe informacje
  • Dozwolone zwierzęta towarzyszące
  • Środki transportu publicznego są dostępne w pobliżu
  • Niemowlęta i małe dzieci mogą jeździć w wózku dziecięcym lub spacerowym
  • Środki transportu są dostępne dostępne dla wózków inwalidzkich
  • Dostępne dla wózków inwalidzkich
  • Podróżujący powinni mieć co najmniej umiarkowaną sprawność fizyczną
  • Ubiór to elegancki, swobodny, wygodny strój i buty do chodzenia
  • Uczestnicy zostaną poinstruowani, aby odwiedzili stronę internetową dostawcy, która poprowadzi ich przez miasto
  • Nie jest wymagany minimalny wiek
Zasady anulowania
Wszystkie wyprzedaże się skończyły. W przypadku anulowania nie przysługuje zwrot pieniędzy.
Zdjęcia podróżników
Recenzje (6)
Oct 2022
Just completed a "custom" corporate group scavenger hunt in downtown Charlotte, NC for 200 people.The app was sold to us on the basis it could be customized to fit our needs, but did not turn out to be so. After weeks and weeks and numerous hours of coordinating with our account manager, sales rep, and basically being free unpaid beta testers of this app prior to landing in Charlotte, as I expected it failed our expectations in many ways and has received really bad reviews from our internal attendee survey at the event. The app is extremely glitchy, has many programming bugs, and is very complex to onboard 200+ people in a timed setting when you are on a set conference agenda, even with planning in advance. Just to get logged into the actual app is a challenge with many failed attempts from a lot of our participants. They require a login with either Facebook, Google, or Text Code validation (which many times errors out or doesn't come through). Once you're signed in comes the many random customization questions (many of which don't make sense for a corporate gathering) then you have to figure out how to join your team. They publish QR code options throughout the app, but I was told that the function doesn't even work currently for anyone. Why bother even having it in the release? We were not able to change the predetermined hunt questions, verbiage, or trivia at all, however, we were able to submit our own company trivia which I was told would be thrown in the mix. After surveying many of our participants who were on the hunt, not one person said any of our custom company trivia was displayed to them on the hunt. During the live hunt, many participants app crashed completely or they were locked out. There is a live video host that comes on a live chat function during the hunt to pep people up and provide support, but honestly it is more distracting and confusing. After many conversations with our account manager regarding many of our issues prior to hunt day, I continued to get the same response that "they are working on it, understaffed, or have had lots of internal changes and growth and just can't keep up at the moment".... which I interpret as they have a really strong sales force on the front line, but when conversions happen they struggle with customer service and final product. From our stance as Event Planners for our company we feel like the Let's Roam app platform might cater better to their personal city hunts where people are just looking for something to do either solo or with a friend group. On a much larger corporate scale event, I would definitely seek an alternate as this one created more pain-points than fun-points for our team and attendees.
Meredith F
Sep 2021
It can be improved by showing more accurate maps. Like the queen Charlotte statue was impossible to find. And you didn’t even have the four corners of Trade and Tryon as a stop.
Jan 2021
Despite downloading the app, could never get out of an endless loop of signing in; never got to the actual scavenger hunt - a real disappointment as this was a Christmas gift for my son & his friends.
Odpowiedź od gospodarza
Feb 2021
Thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not up to standards. We would like the opportunity to talk and investigate your feedback further. Please send us an email at [email protected].

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